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English Research Guide
This guide will help you find information relating to research, writing, and literature.  If you get stuck, please stop by the library and get help from a librarian.  
Finding books
There are two ways to find books in the library:  Browse the shelves, or search the catalog. 

If you have a topic in mind, start with the library catalog.  Choose a few words about your topic and enter them in the catalog search. 

Note the location and call number of the books you're interested in to help you find them on the library shelves.  (Hint: When you get to the shelf, look to the left and right of the books on your list, because there might be more that are useful to you nearby.)  If you need help finding anything, ask a friendly library worker.
Browse for books in the library:
  • Stacks (downstairs):
    • PN:  Literature (General)
    • PR:  English Literature
    • PS:  American Literature
  • Upstairs:
    • PZ:  Children's Literature
Search the library catalog -- Examples:
If we don't have the books you need in our library, you can borrow them from another library. 
Search in this order:
  1. TdS CatalogArea public libraries--Request items for pickup at MLC, usually in 3-5 days.  
  2. MNLINKMinnesota libraries--Request items for pickup at MLC, usually in 5-10 days.
  3. ILL (Interlibrary Loan): Items that you can't find in MLC, TdS, or MNLINK, usually arrive in 1-3 weeks.
Finding digital resources (like ebooks and articles)
For ebooks and articles, your best starting point is our Discovery search.  It's a one-stop shop for searching our library's digital resources.  Put a few keywords into the search box, and then narrow the results with the limiters.  To read an article or ebook, click on a link that says "full text."  (If you have trouble with a full-text link, let us know!)

We have a few databases that aren't included in Discovery, so you have to search them separately.  They are listed below.
All Items by Source

English Resources (Search separately -- not included in Discovery searches)

Oxford Handbooks Online Restricted Resource
Scholarly articles on a variety of subjects.
Points of View Reference Center Restricted Resource
Contains resources that provide multiple viewpoints on an issue.  Includes information from newspapers, news transcripts, reference books, and primary sources on a large number of varied topics.
Folger Digital Texts
Digital texts from the Folger Shakespeare Library collection.
Magill's Literary Annual Restricted Resource
Reviews of recently-published literature.  Library's digital collection includes 1977-2013.
Masterplots Restricted Resource
Analyzes the most important works in literature, including English-language and English-translated world literature.  Provides reference information, plot synopses, and critical evaluations of literature.  4th edition, 2011.  
note: Print copy available at REF PN 44 .M33 2011.
Oxford English Dictionary Restricted Resource
The Oxford English Dictionary is perhaps the most comprehensive English dictionary available. It is a guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past.  


Overdrive (MLC Collection)
Collection of popular ebooks and audiobooks, including children's titles and MTLE prep materials.  Uses the same login information as your library account.  If you haven't yet set a password for your library account, do this before checking out items in Overdrive.
Overdrive (Traverse des Sioux public library collection)
Collection of popular ebooks and audiobooks.  Uses the same login information as your library account.  If you haven't yet set a password for your library account, do this before checking out items in Overdrive.
Ebooks Minnesota
Collection of ebooks, most on Minnesota topics or by Minnesota publishers.  Free for anyone in Minnesota to use.  No login necessary.  An unlimited number of people can use a book at the same time. 
Hathitrust Digital Library
Digitized copies of millions of books.
note: MLC is not a member of HathiTrust, so our users are considered Guests.  Some features will be limited.  
Directory of Open Access Books
Links to digital academic, peer-reviewed books.

Ebook Reference Sources

Oxford Reference Restricted Resource
Ebooks and articles on a variety of reference subjects.
note: MLC does not have access to the entire Oxford Reference collection.  Click "Show books in my subscription" on the left side menu to see the items we hold.
Contact Us

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Quick Links

  Quick Links

  • MLC Library Website: Information about the library and its resources.
  • DiscoveryOne-stop source for journal articles and other digital content. 
  • MLC Catalog: Books in the MLC Library.  Also includes items from area public libraries (TdS); place holds for pickup at MLC, usually in 3-5 days.  
  • MNLINK: Minnesota libraries--Request items for pickup at MLC, usually in 5-10 days.
  • ILL (interlibrary loan): Items that you can't find in MLC, TdS, or MNLINK, usually arrive in 1-3 weeks.
  • Music Library:  Find piano and organ music based on hymn tunes.
  • MLC KnightHelp:  Help with passwords, Moodle, and more.
Library Staff

​  Library Staff

Sue Gurgel
Reference, Research Help, Interlibrary Loan, Children's Literature

Susan Plocher
Databases, Journals, Reserves, Website

Liz WesselLiz Wessel
Curriculum Library, Makerspace, Checkouts, Fines and Bills

Grace BasesMary Hames 
Catalog Records, Call Numbers

Linda KramerLinda Kramer
Library Director, Materials Selection, Research Help, Reference